Welcome! I'm so excited you are enrolling in the Woodland Creations Subscription box service!  I'm thrilled to get to know you within this fun, supportive community where we create fresh ideas using wooden flowers!  Create with me on your own time, and allow me to send you all the supplies each month for a unique project for just $37/mo. This includes shipping charges and will include everything you need for this virtual craft class, except glue and paint! 

Do you feel overwhelmed when looking at project ideas and don't know where to start?  Do you wish you could attend a local craft class, but your schedule doesn't allow?  I've been there too!  These are the reasons why I created Woodland Creations Subscription box service. You will save so much time and money by creating your own decor, and will enjoy a class atmosphere from the comforts of home, when it is convenient for you!

I'm so excited to have you enrolled in this subscription service-there's so much to learn, click the link now to register for your recurring payment. Be sure you have confirmation of that $37 Payment to Woodland Creations, and then request to join the subscription group on my Facebook page.  Do you have friends who would enjoy a fun craft class from home too? Join now at this introductory price- you'll be so glad you did!  I only open enrollment every 3 months!

Take a look at what a few of my members created for the first time working with wooden flowers! And, read what they have to say about the membership group:

               "April was my first subscription box with Woodland Creations, and it was AMAZING!! So much fun!"  -Sandy

               "I am a member of the group and love the projects. The quality of the supplies is next to none, the tutorial videos are informative and enjoyable to watch. This is a great choice for a craft box subscription" -Terra

               "Love the subscription box!!"  -Denise

               "I am taking this course and love it!!" -Jeanine

               "Y'all will love these flowers and the project boxes.  It is so much fun working with these and Sally is awesome.  She gives all kinds of tips and is very encouraging and will let you work at your own pace. In the end, they are your projects to do how you see fit. She gives suggestions on how to do them, and shows you the best ways to work with wooden flowers. This is an awesome group to belong to, you will so enjoy it!"  -Sherry