• Sally

DIY Spring Vignette

I did not know what in the world a Vignette was until I saw the term used throughout decor gatherings on Pinterest posts. I typically decorate my mantle for the different seasons...here in Pennsylvania we get to experience all four. A Vignette is basically a gathering of items to make a focal point. There are some basic things to keep in mind when designing one, which I will expand on in an upcoming post. For my first one, I wanted to try a simple design, that required little investment. So, I decided to start with basic craft supplies and two plates. What do you think of my tiered tray? What's your favorite part?

I painted some eggs, used scrap fabric for the carrots, created a nest out of a peat pot, created a planter from a tin can, and made a little bunny plaque in a reverse stencil technique. The inspiration for this gathering came from the fabric bird I had on hand, and I used a wooden candlestick to join the plates together. Of course, I had to add a wooden flower arrangement in my twine wrapped tin can, and chose to pull everything together with the same greenery used throughout the design. Will you try a Vignette? Stay tuned for more examples as the seasons change throughout this year.

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